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If you checked our ‘Best of 2018’ list, you will (hopefully!) have come across Chrome Sparks already. In 2018 he released his self-titled debut album, which I liked quite a bit, and 2019 is barely underway and he has already dropped a fresh 5-track EP.
Overall, this new ‘Be On Fire’ release is a bit heavier and more rough around the edges, but the raw textures are not unpleasant. ‘Juno Lion’ is frantic almost, with its gritty bass-line and weird rhythmic timing every now and then.
The title track itself is a refreshing, funky cut with Chrome Sparks painting a retro image of a west coast road trip in the summer or something, with his signature analogue sound design. It’s sadly quite short and the end comes a bit abrupt, yet it does stand out as an EP highlight to me.
In the end, ‘Be On Fire’ isn’t as much a musical statement as Chrome Sparks’ debut, but it feels more like he’s riding on the high of having released a well-received album and producing tracks that are in essence carefree and highly enjoyable.

Rating: 7.5