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Our Debut Release

By October 1, 2015May 5th, 2016Releases

SLA001-artworkWe’ve finally released our first EP with the very talented Pulsate! After about 6 months of planning and attempting to setup our own contacts and infrastructure as an independent label certainly hasn’t been easy. From licensing, distribution, contracts, mixing & mastering, keeping track of finances, as well as building this website from the ground up with all advertising content with only a two man team – it has been quite the challenge. All the while both of us are full time students.
I want to thank Jaap van Hamond (Pulsate) for sticking with us through it all, and being such fantastic support for us personally and the label, as well as everyone else in our little community that has contributed, given advice, or supported what we do. We aimed to create a platform that can release and promote unique offerings from unknown artists, as fun as larger brands with their own big names are, it all became a little repetitive and a little poor that artists weren’t being treated as well as they could be. Of course we will be establishing our own large branded artists, but our roots will always be in pushing smaller unique artists.
Though it’s only our first release, we’ve got some very exciting content planned for the next few months, and it may be soon time to create new visuals for the channel, which in itself it posing a challenge in the little free time we have.

You can purchase our first release, Pulsate – Lift Me Up, through our store, on iTunes, or any other good download store (or even listen on spotify!).