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Our good friend Nigel Mpakati AKA HybridMP, who we’ve known for a while and had feature on a few tracks here and there by a few of our artists, namely In:Most and SMRD, recently released a wonky beats based track produced in collaboration with Dylan Moon AKA Kausmeaux.
Dylan has had a release with us before on Opulent, and we’re always impressed with his ability to create new future genre based sounds with seemingly minimal effort. And hoping to release more!


We were lucky enough to be joined by the ever enjoyable Nigel for a quick interview –


Tell us about yourself! How did the collab with Dylan come around?

I’m a 21yr old producer, rapper, singer and songwriter currently studying a degree in Music Technology and I am also in the process of starting my own little label. Thinking of calling it “Timeless Audio” it’s not live on the internet or anything yet as still gathering and recording a bunch of tracks with the artists involved. In terms of genre you’ll have to wait and see otherwise it won’t be much of a surprise 😉
I’d say my style is alternative hip hop as the tracks I have with Dylan aren’t traditionally hip hop if you know what I mean… That came around because I was introduced to him by Bailey Greer [The Australian half!] from In:Most whose on your label!


What’s the track about?

The track is all about freedom and not wanting to abide by what’s fed to use by sorta mainstream media. The attitude of the track is very Blasé lyric wise I think.


Where do you gather most inspiration and what are you listening to at the moment?

I gather most of my inspiration from the world around me my friends and my family too! I’m hoping to be established in the music industry as this is something I’ve dreamt of for years!
At the moment I’m listening to a lot of Loyle Carner cos’ I love his flows and I love the beats he raps over too! I’m also listening to a lot of Avelino I love his baritone vocal tone.
I be also been listening to lot of In:Most too believe it or not they sampled one of my lonesome in one of their new tracks which I found super dope!!

Fight Another Day was produced by SMRD


The video is pretty sick too, who edits that and how did it all come together? Where can we hear more from you?

Thanks man! A guy called Matt Rehulek who’s also helping me start this little label!
Could I also shout out Dan Swanser and BHP for the HybridMp logo, and Dylan being super patient as I’ve been juggling writing, uni, work, and tryna get the visuals done x
The track is on my soundcloud which has links to YouTube and Facebook!
Shoutout to Matt Rehulek really for the work he put in for that video!

You can follow HybridMP on Soundcloud here.