Inmost – Cloudfish EP


A mysterious new collaboration between the English Aux Verba and Australian garage-head Greed spawned their first baby, the Cloudfish EP. With ‘Distance’ on the Infusion compilation, they teased us with what they had in store: atmospheric bass music with influences from everything in between post-rock and drum & bass. Delving into this 20-minute long journey (including the musical afterglow), we see a perfect blend of spaciousness and groove to take the listener on a trip to his unseen memories of utopian sceneries. A must-have for the lovers of chilled out, yet immersive bass music.

“Really like the dreamy style and harmonic melodies. Great job lads! Keep it coming! In Thought intro is intense!” – MC Fava

“Gorgeous EP, absolutely stunning work” – Pola (Soulvent/Hospital)

“Truly a piece of modern art. Every minute detail from the pristine production to the beautiful art has been handcrafted with passion. This is a must have.” – Amphix (Bay 6 Recordings)