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We strive to find, release and promote only the best music from all corners of the globe. Bringing you the best of undiscovered artists with real substance.

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Being independent brings benefits for our artists and listeners, with meaningful feedback and a unique pool of submissions we aim to help artists grow along with our audience’s listening habits.

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Meet The Team.


Running anything successfully relies on communication. Silent Audio aims to fill the gaps left by other labels and become a desirable platform by Artists, for Artists. By forming connections across the expanding electronic music scene in Europe with emerging talent globally, we’ve created a small network of talented individuals all sharing one passion – Art.

As an independent label we aim to keep our operations in-house and unique. With services such as Mixing, Mastering and Branding, as well as Artist Development, we can ensure the quality of our releases will be as high as possible. This, combined with our team of clinically diagnosed perfectionists, means high quality creative music for all to enjoy.

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Aaron Demolder

Branding, A&R, Promotion


Exclusive Artist

Daniel van Mourik

Artist Development, A&R, Promotion


Exclusive Artist


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Established Only In 2013

Roots Run Deep.

‘Silent’ originally started as a concept channel of uninterrupted game recordings. After a while, it lost appeal, and interests in music, specifically visual content, got the better of me. The YouTube channel then became a music channel, just sharing what I was enjoying. Daniel approached me about the brand and expressed interest in starting a record label – us having spoken previously as I was branding his alias, Arch Origin. A few months later we were able to release Infusion, a free compilation of liquid DNB featuring many artists that we had met along the way.

And so Silent Audio was born.

Aaron Demolder

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